Reduce your risk of Hepatitis A & B on vacation

The best way to prevent Hepatitis when traveling is to get the proper vaccines. This is true even if you’re doing something safe like taking a cruise because common cruise destinations like Mexico and some Caribbean islands are moderate to high risk areas for Hepatitis B infection. This may take some planning, however, as you’ll need 2 or 3 shots to be vaccinated.

If you are not fully vaccinated against Hepatitis A, you’ll want to avoid water and ice. Stick to bottled water. Even swimming and prepared foods can put you at risk. Make sure that anyone handling your food has thouroughly cleaned their hands.

When it comes to Hepatitis B, even going to a spa can increase your risk as contaminated tools make simple manicures and pedicures possibly contaminating. When my parents went to Korea, they were told not to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Fried strawberries anyone?

This is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list of how to avoid the risk of Hepatitis. I’s meant to show you the importance of planning ahead and getting your vaccines.

Written by Healthy Vacations on December 14th, 2006 with comments disabled.
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