June 2007

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Medjet Assist: medical evacuation membership explained & AARP discount

Medjet, a medical evacuation company in Birmingham, Alabama has been selected by the AARP as a travel provider of choice. AARP members will get an 18 percent discount on MedjetAssist memberships.

A standard medical evacution (med-evac) policy with travel insuarnce plans gets you to the nearest “best care facility” – which could be anywhere in the world. So if you get injured on vacation in Japan, you’ll probably not be covered for a trip back to America since there are perfectly good hospitals in Tokyo.

With Medjet Assist, if a Medjet member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, Medjet picks the patient up and provides an air ambulance service to whatever hospital the patient chooses. So MedJet would come get you from that hospital in Tokyo and bring you home (or wherever your hospital of choice is).

MedJet charges $225 per year for individuals up to 75 years old. For $350, there is a family plan including two adults and five minor children. A “Diamond Plan” for travelers age 75-85 costs $395 per year. Coverage for individual trips is also offered.

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Recommended golf books

So you like relaxing with a good book and playing golf while on vacation. Here a re a few golf book recommendations for you:

Anyone ever read Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons? The modern Fundementals of Golf. It’s a very good book on the basics.

Some people prefer Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.

Understanding the Golf Swing by Manuel Des la Torre has a very simple breakdown of the swing and the cause and effect when you deviate from the basics. This is based on the Ernest Jones’ swing principles which stress a repeatable swing for all shots. A great book that you will refer to many times after the initial reading.

There was a very popular golf book a few years ago called “Swing Easy, Hit Hard” written by a great pro by the name of Julius Boros. He did make the game look awful easy with his easy swing. Boros was not as technical as someone like Hogan. Boros was very big on tempo which, IMHO, is the main key of the golf swing.

There’s also a movement toward Natural Golf – people who say the traditional swing sucks. Natural golf eliminates 2 planes so you strike the ball square ALL the time.

And of course there are many golfers who say you can’t learn anything from a book…

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Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe, Vermont

Stoweflake is a popular spa in the New England countryside is well-known for its “Kids Spa” which offers a “Kids Spa” menu. Adults will also enjoy themselves – the Green Mountain Herbal Mud Wrap and the Maple-Sugar Body Polish are especially popular. Call 1-800-253-2232 for the spa.

Depending on the season, Stowe is a great base for skiing or golf.

While in Vermont, visit Burlington. For a city, there’s a surprisingly wide range of active travel possibilities including kayaking on Lake Champlaign.

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Vancouver: kayaks, dragonboats, & hikes

This article talks about the active outdoorsy stuff travelers can do in Vancouver:

Alpine hiking: mountain-top trails after taking the aerial tram up Grouse Mountain or the Grouse Grind (it’s not for sissies).

Cypress and Mount Seymour provincial parks has hiking and hard-core mountain biking.

English Bay or Granville Island has kayaks, dragonboats, and fishing / sailing excursions.

Paragliding in tandem from Grouse Mountain and scuba diving in West Vancouver are also possibilities.

It seems like the author of this Canadian vacation itinerary should add a few more days in Vancouver.

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