April 2007

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Golf, Spa, & kayaking at Pinehurst Resort North Carolina

This one reads like an advertisement for the Pinehurst Resort and you wonder if the writer, a high school student, doesn’t have a parent or
two working there. Still, nothing wrong with enthuiasm and the writing is well done. Why is the writer so high on Pinehurst Resort?

There are the eight world-class golf courses, including the famous Pinehurst No. 2, the site of many golf tournaments.

They have activities for 3- to 12-year -olds, a teen spa and even a kids’ spa. The Spa at Pinehurst is one of a kind (I doubt that – though I’m sure it’s very nice – but that’s what the author said).

There is a 200-acre freshwater lake. Some activities there include boating, fishing, tubing, kayaking, canoeing and even sailing.

The dining at Pinehurst is incredible. Just one meal at the Carolina Hotel’s restaurant will raise your standards for all other
restaurants (I’m sure it’s good but not imcomporable).

Again, I think this enthusiasm for Pinehurest Resort has to be tempered somewhat – the author sounds a bit like a salesperson.
Clearly, though, it’s the right vacation for some healthy travelers.

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Golf vacations in Portugal’s Algarve coast region

This PGAtour.com article recommends a golfing vacation to Portugal’s Algarve coast region because you can find great golf, night life, and authentic (culturally interesting) sightseeing all in one place:

In The Algarve, there is no need to spend valuable vacation time checking into and out of different hotels, packing and unpacking as you move from one golfing area to the next. Choose one well located hotel and many of Portugal’s top golf courses will be within a 15-minute drive; restaurants and nightlife, even casinos, will be just as close and fascinating sightseeing, shopping and museums, only a few minutes further.

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Hawaii Manta Ray Night Dive

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination for all travelers. You’ve got the USS Arizona, the best beach in the world, and fancy condos.

You’ve also got great ideas for the active and healthy traveler. This article is about Hawaii’s Big Island’s famous Manta Ray Night Dive, one of the ten best dives in the world on most lists.

During the day, this area is known as Garden Eel Cove — a more-or-less routine Hawaiian coral dive — but at night, the locals call it Manta Heaven. Here, attracted by the abundance of light-seeking phytoplankton, the Big Island’s resident manta rays (Manta birostris) come to feed. It’s a classic symbiosis: The divers bring lights, the lights bring plankton, the plankton bring mantas, and the mantas — huge but harmless creatures that swim in exquisitely slow arabesques in the spotlights — bring divers from around the world, by the thousands.

Manta Rays are bigger than Sting Rays (it was a sting ray that killed Steve Irwin), 20 or more feet and up to 3,000 pounds.

This is not only an option for certified divers – snorkelers can watch from the surface.

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MedJetAssist medical evacuation membership plan insurance

MedJetAssist is a company that offers members free medical evacuation services. Membership fees start at $225/year. For this members are kind of insured – they can get medevac services whenever and wherever necessary. MedJetAssist claims to offer pace of mind, but don’t be so sure. First read what MedJetAssist says on their website. Then read what they say on their terms of service.

Domestic air medical evacuation averages $10,000 to $20,000, and internationally, it can exceed $75,000. But not with the
medical evacuation service of MedjetAssist. As a member, if you are ever hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home,
MedjetAssist will send a medically equipped and staffed aircraft to pick you up and fly you to the hospital of your choice – at no
additional charge. No transportation cost limitations. No preexisting-condition exclusions. Just peace of mind each and every time you travel.

However, if you are a medical tourist, you are out of luck: The medevac company’s terms of service say that “A member traveling outside the United States for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, experimental or otherwise, will not be eligible for air medical transport benefits for that specific trip.”

Written by Healthy Vacations on April 1st, 2007 with comments disabled.
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